A Giraffe and Her Blog

Do you like stories?  Listen closely.


Once upon a time, there was a giraffe.  We’ll call her “CJ”.  Young CJ lived in a quiet neighborhood and had a large, lovely family of giraffes, with two loving parent giraffes, three beautiful sister giraffes, and three brave brother giraffes.

There was Big Daddy Giraffe, who dedicated his life to his family and to preaching the good Lord’s many great teachings.  There was Mother Giraffe, who dedicated her life to raising her kids and spent most of the time picking up unpleasant things.  There was Baby Giraffe, who had already turned eight and was not really the “baby” anymore at all.  There was Little Giraffe, who enjoyed cooking, reading, and playing piano—taking much after her oldest sister giraffe.  There were the three brother giraffes, who were frequently together causing mischief (except for Middle Giraffe, who was sometimes content with his own solitude).  And finally, there was one more giraffe, the oldest.  She had had enough with her large, lovely giraffe family and was leaving for college!

CJ was sure to miss her sister greatly—after all, the two were very close—so she decided to record her daily activities for her in a blog.  (Big Sister Giraffe wouldn’t be leaving till August, but CJ just couldn’t wait that long to begin writing.  After all, now that school was over for the summer, what else was there for a giraffe to do than to sit down at 1:00 in the morning and blog?)

And so she began typing, despite how difficult it was using her hooves.


The moral of this story?  Don’t treat giraffes with racial discrimination: they could be very normal and have nice, normal families just like us!

The point of this story?  CJ is me.  With the exception of CJ being a giraffe; that was to illustrate the point.

It’s true: my big sister is almost eighteen and will be going off to college come August.  (Weird!)  Therefore, I have created this horrible concoction of words and HTML so that she can keep up with my goings-on here while she is supposed to be studying down in Oklahoma.

Let’s make this clear once and for all: I am not a giraffe.  I am a girl.

Enjoy the ride!


One Response to A Giraffe and Her Blog

  1. The Oldest says:

    This is brilliant. You are brilliant. I wish your creativity was trapped in a jar so I could scoop it out and add it to what dwindling supplies occupy my hash of a brain.

    Love yoooouuuu. ❤

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